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Small Football Big Dream: Diverse Football Activities Held in ATJ

On June 2nd, the Parent-Kid Football Camp, organized by VWATJ and its Trade Union, came to a successful conclusion amidst a lot of laughter. This 2-day event allowed the children to fully appreciate the spirit of sports while having fun with professional and fun-filled football training.

For the first time, VWATJ and Trade Union cooperated with the Wolfsburg Football Club and invited international professional foreign youth training coaches to interact with the young players and demonstrate international youth football training methods and concepts. During the training, the coaches divided the young players into three groups according to different age groups, and systematically arranged various professional training, combined with rich and interesting elements, so that the children can improve their football skills and enjoy the fun brought by sports in the joy.

Not only the children of VWATJ experienced the joy of football, the VWATJ staff football team showed their excellent athletic skills with victories in recent matches.

The European Chamber Tianjin Chapter 4th Football Game and International Family Day was held successfully on May 25th in Tianjin. After an entire day of intense group matches and knockout rounds, VWATJ football team successfully beat the other participating teams and won the laurels by virtue of their firm belief and excellent teamwork!

Eleven teams from Tianjin participated in the football Tournament. Despite of the rainy weather, it did not dampen the spirit of the participating teams in the slightest. Every team remained passionate, showing their style and strength.

At the opening ceremony, Volkswagen Transmission Cheerleaders Team brought a vibrant opening performance, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. Their wonderful performance injected strong motivation for the victory of the company’s team and showed the diversified and open cultural of VWATJ.