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Qixi Festival Activity: Love in V, Love in Qixi

August 4th, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, was Qixi Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, when singles pray for marriage and couples express their love.

When it comes to this Chinese Valentine’s Day, “magpie bridge” (a bridge that connects lovers) is an inevitable topic. This year, ATJ opened an online magpie bridge to all single ATJers. Participants could scan a QR code and fill in their hobbies and expectations to their lover. Then, Yuelao (Chinese God of Love) matched them based their answers, provided a love fund to heat up their relations. It is known that 13 couples were matched through this activity. Additionally, on Qixi Festival, employees could join “love notes” activity – write down your love on the notes, and get a lucky draw for Qixi food and blind box.

“The love between Cowherd and Weaving Girl is so truehearted that the even magpies shed tears of joy for their union.” Wish every one of you could go after love and express you love bravely.