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Protecting climate starts from you and me

For the week of Earth Day 2021 (19th-23rd April), the Volkswagen Group has decided to fully focus on the topic of climate action and therefore asks each company worldwide to raise the awareness of every employee on the individual level. During this week, VWATJ and VWATD published the Climate Quiz and CO2 Quick Check to collect everyone’s concerns about climate change. About 3,500 employees in VWATJ and VWATD filled in this quiz until 27th April, 2021, and gave feedback on their own CO2 footprint.

#Project1Hour virtual workshop was successfully held in VWATJ and VWATD on 22nd April, 2021. We spent one-hour learning about and discussing climate change as well as traced our carbon footprint in daily life and work. At the beginning of this workshop, BoM delivered the opening speech and introduced the Volkswagen Group Environmental Strategy. They expressed that the Earth Day week would be a starting point and we could stick to decarbonization in our private life and work environment. During this workshop, VWATJ and VWATD were divided into 4 discussion groups, each group actively participated in the discussion about their CO2 footprint and climate action, developed many ideas about carbon reduction action.

We can start from small and add further contributions as we are able. Every small action counts. For example, reduce paper use, avoid wasting food, replace plastic bottles with water cups, turn off the power after getting off work, etc.

Everyone can contribute to creating a better environment, and a better future. Let’s fight climate change together.