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ATJ to Achieve 100% Green Production Within 2024: Tianjin Plant Reaffirms Its “goTOzero” Commitment

On April 18th, Mr. Bernd Averes, ATJ General Manager Commercial and Vice Chair of the Tianjin European Chamber of Commerce, reaffirms its commitment to a green and carbon neutral future on the European Chamber 2024 Tianjin Government Appreciation Reception, demonstrating its accountability to decarbonization of mobility.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Averes emphasized that sustainability and environmental protection have always been a strong focus of European companies and Volkswagen Group, which is particularly important amid the transformation of auto industry.

With its “goTOzero” commitment, ATJ has proactively taken multiple measures to minimize impact to the environment. For instance, it installed solar panels on the roof of the factory, generating 15,136 MWh of electricity per year. With the help pf ongoing measures to reduce electricity consumption, ATJ is going to achieve 100% green production within 2024, one year ahead of target.

During the reception, Mr. Averes also showed his expectations on sound energy conservation policies and diverse green electricity transaction channels. “A green future relies on the joint efforts of government, industry and society,” said he.