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VWATJ Awarded as 2022 “αi Outstanding Workplace

Initiated by Shanghai Service Industries Development and Research Foundation, the 2022 αi Outstanding Workplace Annual Ceremony was successfully held with the theme of Transformation and Digitalization in Shanghai in December.

The selection of αi Outstanding Workplace aims to find the best practice in Chinese workplace and promote positive value to improve the career environment in China through its professional evaluation system and unique selection criteria.  During the ceremony, all the 2022 αi Outstanding Workplace winners are officially unveiled. With our excellent performance on employee health and benefits, corporate culture and employee training and development, we have won 4 single awards this year as “Successive Certification Award”, “Win-win Growth Award”, “Long Time Participation Award” and “Best Management Award”. What worth to mention is that we have won the αi Outstanding Workplace certification for 5 consecutive years since 2018.

After winning the “2022 Top Employer China” and “2022 Liepin Tianjin Extraordinary Employer”, this is the 3rd employer branding award that we have won in this year. And we can’t achieve such good results without the joint efforts of every ATJer. The year of 2023 is approaching. Let’s keep joining our hands to create new brilliance in the future!