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2021 VWATJ Christmas Market

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, happiness lingers on. Xsmas comes, Xsmas comes, laughters follow you around. Time flies, it has been the 4th year for VWATJ to old the Christmas Market in the company. From ATJ’ers self-made Christmas Booths to dazzling lights on the Christmas Tree, from the annual Christmas Fest to ATJ’ers fancy show, Christmas has already been the memory of all ATJ’ers and a remarkable symbol of VWATJ. Let’s take the time machine and relive this year’s VWATJ Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market opened at 10:30 am on Dec.7th.

Christmas · Messages: Warm greetings from the two general managers

Time goes by but the best wishes never change. As tradition and highlight of the opening, two general managers delivered Christmas Messages at the beginning of VWATJ Christmas Market.

They expressed sincere thanks to all the VWATJ employees and sending their best wishes.


Christmas · Performances: VWATJ employees are superstars

W2W colleagues and interns formed a Christmas choir to sing this year’s Christmas songs together with our special guests! The company’s cheerleading girls brought us hot dances to warm this cold winter. Every wink of the eyes sings happiness and every step of turn echoes cheers.

Christmas · Light: Warm lights illuminate hope for the new year

Everyone counted down together to light up the Christmas Tree and yelled out our expectations for the coming year.

Christmas · Gifts: Mysterious gifts from ATJ friends

The Christmas gift box is an anonymous gift from ATJ friends. Sincere wishes bring us happiness and luck in the New Year. A small gift brings us great happiness full of surprise!

Christmas Food: ATJ cuisine will never let you down

The food in the Market is not only delicious, but also full of blessings in its names.

At VWATJ Christmas Markets, you can not only feast your eyes but also enjoy delicious food. You can not only receive customized Christmas card holder, but also chose mysterious gift boxes.  You can not only feel the festival happiness, but also you can also record the moment with your cameras. Thanks for our Christmas Market Project team in CA department, for their contribution and excellent ideas that create us another year of happy memory. Although the 2021 VWATJ Christmas Market trilogy has coming to an end, the prelude to the Christmas season and New Year has just started. Wish you all a happy holiday and all good wishes can come true!