Tianjin City


Tianjin is one of the 4 municipality cities in the People's Republic of China and one of the largest with its 14 million inhabitants. It is located 150km away from Beijing in the North of the country. Tianjin borders the provinces of Hebei and Beijing and on the eastern side the Bohai Gulf; a part of the yellow sea. This beautiful seaside city consists of 10 districts. Tianjin, just like the rest of China is located in the CST time zone (GMT+8).This beautiful seaside city consists of 10 districts,among which is the Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA) where the company is located in. TEDA is the first Free Trade Zone granted by the government in Northern China.


During the course of time, Tianjin felt a strong economic development which to this day shapes the city in character and appearance. Originally founded in the Ming dynasty as a military base (1404), the area known as Tianjinwei evolved into a financial and commercial center which today still plays a major role in international shipping. At the same time, Tianjin as an ever expanding industrial center with branches in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and chemical industry carries increasingly high economic importance and responsibility for the entire region and the population in the area.


The changes over the course of time have also left visible traces with regards to culture. A Chinese and Western cultural influence led to a charming mix of buildings of different architectural styles. In the lovely suburb of Wudadao, one can see houses with European & Chinese features which create an attractive scenery. Intricately decorated bridges connect classical buildings and modern hotels along the Haihe River, transformed at night into a bright panorama that bears comparison with other cities, such as Shanghai or Hong Kong.


With its three train stations, the international airport, Metro system, public buses and taxis, the mobility within and from Tianjin is extremely well provided. With a range of national and international flights from the airport in Tianjin and the high speed express trains from the main station in Tianjin one can travel long distances in almost no time. For example, with the express train, the trip to Beijing takes just 35 minutes.

Medical Care

The medical treatment in China does not take place in medical practices but in hospitals. In Chinese hospitals there are the so called “foreign departments” with English speaking staff. In Tianjin there are also two international private clinics, namely, United Family Hospital and Tianjin International SOS Clinic. Both clinics provide medical services according to western standards.


As a metropolis with more than 14 million inhabitants, Tianjin is a city with planty of educational institutions: 55 universities and colleges, 108 vocational schools. As an international city, Tianjin is in no short supply of international kindergartens, schools and hospitals. In Tianjin there are one international kindergarten and two international schools, which provide International Baccalaureate (IB) certification.