Culture and values

As 100% subsidiary company, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission has set the goal to adhere to the values and standards of Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen Group China and to include these in its own company profile.

Therefore, high quality and strong performance as well as transparency and customer proximity are particularly in the foreground for Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin. This is not only outwardly visible but also within the company. It is reflected in every area including processes and in contact with employees. From the very first day, the employees will be informed of the company values, which will be strictly obeyed. Particularly important are compliance requirements and prevention of conflict of interest and corruption. It will also be ensured permanently, that all the employees will be informed of all the company-relevant topics from different media.

Volkswagen Automatic Transmission also attaches importance to the personal development of every single employee. Communications and a diverse repertoire of trainings and development opportunities are a prerequisite.