W2W is the abbreviation of "Work 2 Work". This project was first proposed and implemented at the Volkswagen’s headquarters in Germany. The background is that some of the long-term service employees of Volkswagen cannot engage in intensive work in the production line due to their age and physical illness accumulated over the years or disability, the company help for these employees to find jobs that can match their physical condition based on corporate social responsibility. As a pioneer in China, VWATJ introduced the project at the end of 2015 and extended the scope of the W2W project to the recruitment of disabled employees. Through three years of hard work, at the end of May 2019, a total of 86 W2W employees worked in various departments of VWATJ. Their work capability and performance are recognized by the business department. This project provides fair employment opportunities for disabled people and reflects VWATJ’s determination and courage to undertake corporate social responsibility actively as an outstanding employer in China. In the future, VWATJ will continue to deepen the W2W project. On the one hand, we will carry out other recruitment channels, strengthen cooperation with the government and universities, and continue to absorb and integrate W2W employees. On the other hand, we will also carry out W2W employee career development and care programs to help W2W employees work and develop better.