The Whistleblower System at Volkswagen Group China

Whistleblower System

Welcome to the homepage of the Volkswagen Group China Whistleblower System.

Integrity and compliance with statutory and other requirements lay the foundation of a good reputation for Volkswagen and for the trust of our customers. They also contribute to the wellbeing of Group employees as well as to sustainable economic success, which should not be undermined by the risk of significant financial losses or criminal prosecution.

Making sure these goals are not jeopardized requires the establishment of a corporate culture based on integrity, as well as vigilance by all employees and their willingness to report potential irregularities and violations if Reasonable Suspicion exists. We must work together to achieve this. And that means we need your support. In order to live up to our aspirations even more effectively and to learn the right lessons from past events, the ombudsman system set up in 2006 has been developed further. We continue to do everything we can to process reports received quickly and objectively, and to offer whistleblowers a protected space.

We use the term “Whistleblower System” to describe both internal and external contact points for persons wishing to report violations of regulations in connection with the Volkswagen Group together with the committees that support and monitor the work of these contact points.

Among other things, two main characters of the Whistleblower System are whistleblower protection and rights of the persons implicated. For the statements made by whistleblowers will be handled confidentially. Their identity will not be disclosed, if so desired and legally permissible. For the person implicated, the investigations must be conducted in a neutral and objective manner in accordance with the presumption of innocence. In addition to incriminating evidence, potentially exonerating evidence must also be examined.


Please note that Chinese laws and regulations limit or prohibit cross-border transfer from mainland China of certain “Sensitive Information”, including “Personal Information”, “Important Data” and “Chinese State Secrets”. By submitting such information via Group reporting channels managed by Central Investigation Office in Germany, you might risk violating the applicable Chinese laws and regulations and may also bear the risk of being sanctioned by the competent Chinese authorities.

Anonymous hints are always possible unless expressly prohibited by the applicable laws. We recommend you disclose your identity to the Whistleblower System to allow further inquiries. It might be helpful to the following investigation. Personal data would be only processed within the scope of the processing of the hint as well as for the protection of Whistleblowers and the rights of the Persons Implicated.

Instead of using Group reporting channels, you may contact the Whistleblower System via local reporting channels handled by the Regional Investigation Office.

For managers (personal grade MK and above) of Volkswagen Group in region China, you are obliged to report Reasonable Suspicion concerning Serious Regulatory Violations via local reporting channels to the Regional Investigation Office.

If you have any questions related to reporting whistleblower hints, please contact the Regional Investigation Office at