The Whistleblower System at Volkswagen Group China

Where do I make a report?

In an open corporate culture, employees should be able to talk about mistakes openly and early. The direct superior should be the first point of contact in regard to problems or process improvements. If for any reason you do not feel you can tell your superior of your suspicions regarding a violation, then the Volkswagen whistleblower system offers you various options for communicating your information.

The central internal contact point is the Central Investigation Office in Volkswagen AG, while the local internal contact point is the Regional Investigation Office in VGC. Should you decide to communicate your information to experts outside the Company, you can also contact two external lawyers who act as neutral mediators (ombudspersons). They are tasked with accepting reports of potential statutory or internal violations of regulations, reviewing this information, consulting with the whistleblower where applicable, and forwarding the information to the Company for further processing – protecting the identity of the whistleblower if so wished.

Making a report to the Central Investigation Office

The Central Investigation Office, which is your contact partner in Volkswagen AG, can be accessed as follows:

  • E-mail:
  • 24/7 Hotline:
    +49 5361 946300
  • Online channel:
  • Postal address:  Central Investigation Office
    Box 1717, 38436 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany
  • In person:  Central Investigation Office
    Porschestraße 1, 38440 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany

Making a report to the Regional Investigation Office

The Regional Investigation Office, which is your contact partner in Region China, can be accessed as follows:

Making a report to the ombudspersons

Two external lawyers act as neutral mediators (ombudspersons) for the Volkswagen Group: they are Dr. Rainer Buchert and Thomas Rohrbach. You can contact the ombudspersons via the following channels:

Dr. Rainer Buchert:

  • Phone: +49-69-71033330 or +49-6105-921355
  • Fax: +49-69-71034444
  • E-mail:
  • Postal address:
    Dr. Rainer Buchert Bleidenstraße 1 60311 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Thomas Rohrbach:

  • Phone: +49-69-65300356
  • Fax: +49-69-65009523
  • E-mail:
  • Postal address:
    Thomas Rohrbach Wildgäßchen 4 60599 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Please note that data may be transmitted indirectly if you select one of these electronic contact options. For example, your phone number may be transmitted during a phone call or your IP address may be transmitted when you send an email even if you create a new, anonymous e-mail address. For this reason, in addition to the contact options listed above, you may also use an internet-based communication platform to contact the ombudspersons, exchange documents and conduct a dialog with the ombudspersons via a separate mailbox. This set-up is confidential and protected. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they wish to give their names.

To access the communication platform, please click here.