The Whistleblower System at Volkswagen Group China

What should I report?

You can report violations of all statutory and internal regulations (e.g. Employment Contract, Code of Conduct, Guidelines) by Volkswagen employees to the Regional Investigation Office.

Please note that the whistleblower system includes contact points to report violations of statutory and internal regulations. If you have questions or complaints regarding your vehicle / car, please contact the customer care.

You can make a report on the following violations:

  • actual and possible violations of the laws and regulations in China;
  • actual and possible violations of the Code of Conduct, and internal policies and processes;
  • actual and possible violations related to internal controls and auditing matters, including but not limited to all rules and procedures set forth in the “Golden Rules” Handbook; and,
  • conduct involving the development of a potential or known defeat device, or any other actual or possible violation of U.S. environmental protection laws and regulations.