Quality Assurance

Target: No Mistakes.


The quality assurance represents the interests of customers for the products manufactured in Tianjin with the aim to inspire the customers and also to ensure a high quality of the products.

The quality assurance works with various quality methods, such as FAP, Lessons-Learned, Fehlerbaum etc. to bring experiences from series products and completed projects and to avoid possible errors in the testing and changes in the factory.

The quality assurance in Tianjin plant is divided into four main departments: technical quality analysis, technical quality purchasing parts,  laboratory and technical quality manufacturing and measuring center

The responsibilities of quality assurance in Tianjin include: quality planning, damage analysis; end of line test/final inspection; acoustic analysis; process, product audit and system audit; inspection equipment monitoring; quality management suppliers; sampling purchase and production parts; test laboratories metal, non-metal, electrics, electronics, technical cleanliness; hotline/field force