Target: Top qualified employees, top quality, high tech products and customer satisfaction.


The objective of Production division is to produce high-tech products with high-quality, precision, short delivery time, reasonable cost and reliable service, in order to meet our costumers' requirements.

Meanwhile, we keep improving and optimizing our processes to enhance productivity and production efficiency. In addition, eliminating waste to reduce cost and following Think Blue to protect environment play important roles in the production.

VWATJ Production division takes responsibility for all transmissions production duty including DQ380, DQ500 and DL382.  Meanwhile, The maintenance department is in charge of providing maintenance for all equipment and keeping all equipment running efficiently.

Besides production projects, the work scope of Production division also includes VZO (Verzahnung Optimierung/Gear optimization technical group), quality Improvement/ VPS (Volkswagen Production System) as well as tool Management.