Our plants

Tianjin is the 107th plant of Volkswagen Group – and the 18th production location of Volkswagen Group China with two plants:

DQ380 & DQ500 Plant: 425.000 square meter
DL382 Plant: 336.000 square meter

Next year, the first Volkswagen Component Academy outside Germany is to be established in Tianjin. The objective of this academy will be to develop dual vocational training for up to 4 vocations based on the German model. Vocational school students will receive initial and further training from experts in the relevant fields. In the medium term, the Academy will make it possible to meet demand for employees with specialist technical qualifications. “It is of great importance to us that our workers are intensively trained and made aware of environmental issues”, underlines Heizmann. “Only the great expertise and excellent qualifications of our workers make the success of our products possible”.

Development and Analysis center

The development and analysis center is the highlight of High-Tech VWATJ factory. It proceeds on-site analysis task of DSG transmissions from Chinese market, and also assumes the development tasks for the local production of transmission.
The highly motivated team with local and international specialized engineers focus on solving complex research and analysis tasks. The analysis and development of High-Tech VW-DSG transmissions requires not only their technical know-how but also world class test technology for this research.
The development and analysis center contributes to the strengthening improvement of the VW DSG transmission production in the region of China and satisfy the requirements of local market.