Education and training

Dual Vocational Education at VWATJ

Dual vocational education is a joint educational approach of vocational schools and our education academy at the company. We share the responsibility to train apprentices by combining theoretical learning at vocational schools and practical training in company.

The · program

· Program is the dual vocational education program at Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin. During the program, the apprentices will get trained with all necessary practical skills and a profound theoretical knowledge in their vocation. It is the first step towards their future career and further development at our company.

From · Program they will learn theoretical and practical knowledge of related technical fields, process knowledge, as well as basic technical knowledge and skills from other departments to get better overall understanding.

The program consists of:

  • IE training center for basic practical skills
  • Learning stations with basic, advanced and specialist skills training in a specific vocation
  • Learning stations to learn basic and advanced skills in related vocations
  • Rotation among different departments
  • Final evaluation of  all learning stations

Learning Station

A Learning Station is a learning environment, where our · coaches train a group of apprentices according to a pre-defined curriculum. The training involves all necessary parts about safety knowledge, theoretical and practical knowledge and operational tasks of this learning station. To complete the training at a learning station, the newly learnt skills of the apprentices will be evaluated.

In order to gain profound professional knowledge every apprentice gets trained at different learning stations in the company. At every learning station we combine theory with real practical experience. This helps them to get a good understanding of the production process at VWATJ and to further strengthen their practical skills.