What we offer

Open Communication and Feedback

An open communication and feedback culture is very important to us. An important part of this culture is the so-called “Stimmungsbarometer” (Opinion Barometer).
Stimmungsbarometer is an instrument of the Volkswagen Group to anonymously collect employees’ feedback regarding their satisfaction with the company. Employees have the opportunity to proactively make suggestions for improvements.
Feedback reports are prepared for all functional areas and are then discussed between the employees and their superiors who jointly determine appropriate improvement measures for the future.

Comfortable Working Environment

Besides an attractive compensation system, VWATJ offers a new and modern plant, state-of-the-art machinery and technology as well as a high standard for a comfortable, clean and safe atmosphere. The commute to and from the plant, provided by the company, consists of a fleet of modern buses providing safe and comfortable transportation. VWATJ provides housing or support in finding suitable accommodation for colleagues from abroad. Newly established canteens offer a rich variety of Chinese and Western meals available free of charge for all employees. For first-aid, we established an on-site clinic where a Chinese and English speaking doctor is available 24/7, as well as a German speaking doctor (on demand).

International Working Atmosphere

Being part of one of the largest car makers in the world, internationality for us is a given. In addition to high technical qualifications our workforce also boasts strong language competencies, which means a casual mix of conversation in Chinese, English and German among colleagues, regardless of their origins, is a part of our daily work. For us, internationality and diversity are not goals, but daily common practice. Meanwhile, we initiated the International Talent Exchange Program, which aims to create a pillar of employee development within the Volkswagen Group. It provides employees with the opportunity to see other parts of the Group, gain international experience, further develop their skills and build relationships within the Group.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

In addition to an attractive basic salary, VWATJ offers its employees additional benefits. This includes an annual bonus, which consists of a 13th salary and variable company and personal performance bonus. We believe that good work should be rewarded. Furthermore we offer (depending on the position and contract type) a supplementary medical insurance, housing, a company car or a possibility to purchase a vehicle from our partners at a reduced price, a company phone or a financial subsidy for use of a private device and much more. Of course our shuttle service, canteens and on-site first aid clinic are available free of charge for all employees.

Qualification & Group Programs

To adapt to the challenging market environment, to enhance the competitiveness of the Company and to improve staff capabilities to achieve the growth of both Company and employees, VWATJ invests in its employees’ qualification by providing more than 100 training and qualification programs including interdisciplinary, language and technical trainings. Based on the above categorization, VWTJ HR Training team develops the annual Qualification & Development Catalogue. Except various in-house trainings given by professional domestic and foreign trainers, VWATJ provides it's employees training opptunities in other Volkswagen entities worldwide.

Leadership & Management Development

The goal of Volkswagen personnel development is to provide the group a top performance team with competence and commitment. With the yearly employee dialogue as foundation, VWATJ personnel development provides the framework for a systematic skills development and a performance related remuneration development.
VWATJ Personnel Development is focused on systematically enhancing tariff and management employees. It puts importance on both: building new and expanding existing competencies on current functions as well as development onto higher functions.

Working with State-of-the-Art Machinery

The machineries and facilities at VWATJ consist of highly technical and modern turning, grinding, honing, washing and shot-blasting machines from prominent manufacturers from worldwide. Due to the use of that high-tech machineries and facilities, many processes within the production planning of our in-house parts could be optimized. The process change/conversion from wet processing to dry processing, leads to savings of used cooling lubricant and causes an optimization of the process of taper grinding.

IE Training Center

The IE Training Center which located just near the assembly line of production area provides our employee opportunities to learn basic skills, professional skills and lean management. Aligned with Group standards, employees  will have praxis-orientied training by working with state-of-the-art training equipment and facilities.  Another highlight is the "Think Blue" training. VWATJ values environmental protection and encourages employees to be aware of it at work. Employee could get trained regarding energy conservation and emission reduction as well as sorting and recycling of waste by abundant practices.

Expert Rounds & Professional Families

Our company is a teaching and learning environment. To develop our personnel we especially focus on the formation and enhancement of technical excellence in all professional families. To ensure a systematic and target-oriented competence development, our technical specialists and personnel development experts work closely together to develop state-of-the-art training concepts. The content of the trainings is always linked to current topics and priorities. We encourage our current experts to share their knowledge in practice-oriented training formats such as expert weeks.